A profound story of a sinner woman found in Luke 7:30-50
“Your faith has saved you
Go in peace.” Luke 7:50b
This is what Jesus told the sinner women after she had come into a Pharisee’s home after Jesus was invited in to eat. At this point in time the Pharisees wanted to find every reason to condemn Jesus… And it seems as though every time they wanted to condemn Jesus someone who needed complete healing, whether physically, mentally, spiritually, would show up on the scene. This particular scene a “sinner women” comes up behind Jesus and begins to kneel at the feet of Jesus and use the tears in her eyes to wet his feet, to dry his feet with her tears, to kiss his feet and to anoint his feet with ointment.
This women was a sinner, no way in this time in space would any sinner in their right mind would go into a Pharisee’s home willingly. This was truly an act of Faith. She not only came in there, she wasn’t asking for anything but was giving of herself, in such a humbling way.
┬áThe assumption was that this women slept around, she was known in the town as a harlot, and that she used her money to buy this oil… The Pharisee looked upon this woman with judgement and even at Jesus with disbelief. This woman looked at Jesus with all the faith she had. She wasn’t worried about how any one felt or what any one thought. She was there for Jesus. Because of this she found him and Jesus regarded her and saved her.
I look for Jesus and he is found, he’s found with such compassion and understanding for his children.
He saves, he heals, he redeems and he loves.
I pray for faith, That I would know him more and more by believing him.
Where are you in this story? Are you in the judgment seat like a Pharisee or are you like this “sinner woman”
Be encouraged today that our faith has the power to save us from things we never knew he could save us from. Just Believe (preaching to myself)