Have you ever found yourself comparing your journey and success in life to the next person?

This can work in one of two ways, either seeing someone else’s journey and success motivates you or it causes you to become envious.

I sat down the other day to dinner with a dear sister and she told me that she’s been working out. She’s apart of the new craze that has swept the nation, something like #crossfit. Mentally in this kind of environment, your mind can create this competitive nature. So she recently had to participate in a running test.  My dear friend expressed to me that she wasn’t too particular about running, so we can only imagine her excitement. Well, this particular day God showed up in such a profound way to my friend, like never before. Normally when she would run she would be so focused on everyone else and how fast their going or that she was the last person but for some reason this particular day something clicked for her. She took her eyes off of everyone else and in that time God began ministering to her. God told her not to focus on everything else going on around her, that it was the pace he wanted her to take, and that at the end of this race he was the prize. Before you know it she was done. I’m sure she was amazingly relieved.

I look at this “revelation” as the prize. When she stopped focusing on the race and shifted her thinking and focus on God, she wasn’t worried about how slow, or if she was last in the race but she began hearing God, and that to me is the prize.

I believe when one stops looking at what everyone else is doing it completely takes the focus off of self and what self can or can’t do and shifts the focus to a higher thinking and to what God is trying to reveal.

Encouragement for today:

Pace yourself, focus on GOD, not the next man. You have no control of their destiny. You will never know the weight they carry.

Stay in your lane and endure in that process! You will receive your prize, faint not!!!