The Face of Fear or Facing Fear are two very common things I deal with on a daily basis!. Do you?

This last week, I’ve been dealing with how to overcome some feelings of fear.  I’m thankful that God’s timing is always perfect and that he uses things like daily devotionals to help me walk through this journey. Not gonna say once I’ve read the devotions I’m completely on board, it does takes me some time and a serious process to really believe it fully.

For instance, Is there something you know you’re so gifted or skilled at doing but maybe in the back of your mind you have some type of fear of using these gifts or skills? Maybe what’s causing that fear is what people think and you lose all confidence in that gift and instead walk in fear?  For me I realize that I am gifted at singing, and that is totally what God placed me here to do (among many other things), however it isn’t always easy being in front of people singing. There are certain settings I feel completely comfortable in and there are others where there’s a feeling of utter darkness in the depths of my soul.(lol because it’s not that deep, but it’s deep) I attribute this feeling to FEAR of not being good enough in the sight of “people”, because “hello everything that comes out of my mouth has to be perfect”… NOT.

God does have a way of making sure I depend on him.(Humility is key)

Listen, I know it sounds ridiculous to some of you, but I know there are some people, like me, who deal with FEAR. Seriously even the most gifted people deal with some fear. Just think, the pressure of doing everything  perfect, every single time, that can be intimidating in and of itself. “NO ROOM TO FAIL!”  Most times you never think you’re good enough, and this is where lies creep in, plant themselves and grow. You start to believe that lie and now you’re walking in that LIE.

For my entire life I’ve dealt with FEAR. I believe it’s because I don’t want to fail. Why is that? Why is FEAR so powerful?

Proverbs 29:25 says “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe” This scripture hit me real good this morning. No wonder why I’ve been fearful and not going after what God has for me, I’ve been ensnared by fearing man and not trusting GOD. God wants me to walk in power instead I’m walking in FEAR.

My Revelation:

“FEAR has replaced POWER. God wants us to walk in POWER not FEAR.”

We are reminded by Paul in 2 Timothy 1:6 & 7 to “Fan into Flame the spiritual gift God gave”…and it goes on to say “For God has not given us a spirit of FEAR and TIMIDITY but of POWER, LOVE  & SELF-DISCIPLINE. This tells us to use the power in that gift & get closer to the heat, even when fear tries to come in, that’s when we must push ourselves even more and walk out in our gifting.

 The Power lies in the doing,  that’s where we’re safest!